Homesteading Tips Revealed : Pioneer Secrets of Our Forefathers

April 14, 2020 by Chris Wright

Homesteading is a lifestyle choice today. For our forefathers it was their natural way of life. They didn't have the option to run to the store every day to pick up what they needed. They had to be prepared to survive whatever life threw at them. And they had to do it with what they had on hand.They were preppers before prepping was cool!

The times they lived in taught them to be as creative as possible to solve the problems that they faced. Modern man has lost some of this creativity over the years as we have created a lifestyle based on convenience. Whatever we need is only a mouse click away...right up until it isn't!

Have you gone to the grocery store lately to buy toilet paper, paper towels or meat? All are in short supply across the country. When you are lucky enough to find those items (and many others) you will see that stores are limiting how much you can buy so that they don't run out so fast again. Prices are also increasing rapidly on these and many other food items.

In order to not only survive, but thrive, it is time for us to rediscover the secrets our great grandparents lived by...keeping a well stocked pantry, growing as much of our own food as we can, raising livestock, etc.

The Lost Ways Book

Yes, the time has come for us to rediscover the Lost Ways of our ancestors.

Self Sufficient Living

What would you do if today's modern lifestyle came to an abrupt end? Could you cope with living an 1800's lifestyle?

Living in a self sufficient manner enables you to withstand almost anything that man or Nature can throw at you.

Learn to grow food in a backyard garden or even in containers, safely can it for long term storage, build a root cellar to store your food in if the electricity is out, raise chickens and many other things that will allow you to keep your family fed and safe.

These are the skills that the pioneers had and that they passed down to their children. These are the skills that many of us have never had to learn or practice. These are the skills that have been lost over the years and replaced with modern technology and convenience.

Modern technology can break leaving the food supply chain in chaos. Job loss can lead to financial problems making you choose between buying food or paying rent. Why rely on others that can and will let you down?

The Lost Ways Book

Living Off Grid

Some people think of living off grid as meaning that you have no electricity, no running water or that you have to be hundreds of miles from your nearest neighbor. Sure, it can be like that but it can also mean that you live close to a small town and that you have solar panels to provide your primary electricity with a switch to allow you to get electricity from a utility company when needed.

Any way you define it, off grid living is becoming a popular way of life or many people these days. It allows them the freedom to provide for themselves without being dependent on any utility company.

Pemmican Survival Food

About Claude Davis

The author of The Lost Ways is Claude Davis, a survival expert with over 30 years of experience in the field. Mr. Davis also runs the popular website

About The Lost Ways Book

So what does Claude Davis cover in the book? Here are just a few of the main topics covered:

Food – Davis shares some recipes that will create survival food that is nutritious and tastes good to. These are the types of foods that Native Americans taught the pioneers about many years ago.

Traps – The Lost Ways book teaches its readers how to set up traps to catch animals that can be used as a food source as well as providing fur for warmth in winter.

Housing – Shelter will always be a vital part of our life. Clause Davis shows how Native Americans built underground houses to protect their families from heat and cold year round.

Water – Humans can only survive 3 days without water. Davis shows ancient ways to collect and store water without spending a ton of money.

Poultices – Another trick that our ancestors used was combining common ingredients to make poultices to treat injuries and infections. Davis covers the proper creation and use of poultices in the book.

Bullets – Bullets can be used for protection as well as for hunting animals for food. In The Lost Ways book, Davis shows how to protect your ammo and what to do if your run out of bullets.

Survival Tips

When many people think of survival their minds go to survival food and medicine.

They think of the buckets of food that you can buy that are supposed to taste great, be somewhat healthy and last up to 25 years if stored properly.

What if you could learn to make your own survival food like our ancestors did? They knew how to make things like easy to make food that could be easily stored for long term use. It could also be customized to suit your tastes or to use what you had on hand to make it with.

Do you know how many natural foods and medicinal plants grow naturally where you live? Today we treat many of these plants like they are weeds because they aren't "pretty."

If you are in a survival situation knowing which plants are safe to eat is priceless. Having the ability to spot plants that can be used as natural painkillers night just save your life or the life of someone that you love.

Be Prepared

Learn the Lost Ways of our ancestors and learn how to garden, process and store food for long term storage, identify plants that are safe to eat as well as plants that can be used to make a natural poultice. Learn how to be a self sufficient homesteader and take care of your family.